Keep healthy with immune support

Most vitamins and herbals are sold as “food supplements” to augment nutrition and promote wellness. The more recent term nutriceutical is a blend of the words nutrient and pharmaceutical. Nutriceuticals are also food derivatives, but sold for their medical properties to treat various problems. Often there are research studies supporting their use treating a target …Read More


Nocebo Effect and Medical Hexing

Many people have heard of the placebo effect, but fewer have heard of the nocebo effect. The Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial The gold standard for medical research studies is the double-blind randomized controlled trial (RCT). The simplest RCT study might take a target population (e.g., patients with high blood pressure) and then randomize them into …Read More


Eat Your Greens

  Eat your greens! Yuck! It’s pond scum. It’s dark blue-green spiral-shaped algae, harvested from lakes in warm climates, and a nutrient-dense superfood! Yuck! It’s pond scum. It’s good for you. It’s spirulina. Yuck! When I was growing up, one of my cousins (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are!) … she …Read More


Love Your Microbiome

When I began studying alternative medicine more than a decade ago, the word “probiotics” was on the fringe. Probiotics are good bacteria that live in a normal gut. They can help re-populate the gut after an illness or when antibiotic disrupts the normal balance of bacteria. There was controversy about whether they were more than …Read More


Transmitting Food Culture

My childhood memories are filled with Jamaican Jerk Pork fresh from the barbecue pit on the beach, fried sweet plantains in the mornings, “mannish water” (a hot pepper soup served at weddings and gatherings), fresh coconuts from the roadside stall – chopped open right there so we can drink the cool refreshing water and then …Read More