The Myth of Love Story

Janis McCall

Janis McCall

Guest blogger at "Living the Present Moment". Deeply grounded in her Celtic roots, her presence is a blessing to this blog. She lives the present moment in her homeland of Scotland, overlooking a loch with husband and dogs.
Janis McCall

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“Love is never having to say you’re sorry.”

I grew up with that myth from the 1970 movie, Love Story. I really believed it and grew more disappointed when my relationships didn’t live up to this ideal.

As I have reached my mature years, I have learned it is the exact opposite. Love is absolutely always being able to say sorry and mean it. Love means learning day by day what makes the relationship work. Being willing to say sorry when we don’t get it right. Owning your own vulnerability. Loving yourself and the other in all our glorious imperfections. It is messy and hard sometimes, but then there are the wonderful moments when you know that is why you love them.

Dogs are easier. They teach you unconditional love. No fuss, no frills, just love and joy in simple things. Dogs forgive you anything. You don’t have to say sorry because they roll over for a tummy rub and all is forgiven in an instant. Maybe that movie was about dogs anyway.