The Elephant: Stories You’ll Never Forget, 2017

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“I haven’t laughed so hard in years…. It was captivating.”

After a standing ovation, last year’s sold-out audience raved over the first StorySLAM to come to the Sugden Theatre. Ten local storytellers each gave spellbinding performances. On Monday, April 3rd, 2017, at 7pm the oral tradition of storytelling returns to Sugden Theatre in Naples, Florida, with “The Elephant: Stories You’ll Never Forget,” a brand new collection of stories that will delight and enthrall.

Produced by Storytellers of the Round Table, this storytelling showcase event was inspired partly by The Moth, a non-profit dedicated to the art of personal stories. The Moth now produces live shows in cities worldwide and a program on National Public Radio.

“People are attracted to a story the way a moth is attracted to a flame.”

Our New Name

Why is the new event called “The Elephant” when none of the stories feature elephants? Elephants never forget. These new stories are unforgettable. And besides, if you’ve seen a moth, elephants are bigger! Unlike The Moth, our stories are not limited to personal stories. Our showcase events also include folk tales, tall tales, historical stories, literary stories, and many other types of stories. The oral tradition of storytelling creates an intimate emotional connection between the teller and the audience. Feel the power of this experience with a range of stories that connect, inspire, and entertain.

The Lineup

The stories are as intriguing as their titles. Rob Glessner will be our emcee extraordinaire. Read more about the performers and get tickets at:

  • “Truth and Story,” a medieval fable by Tashahara Jallad
  • “The Teacher” by Joel Ying about a mentor who changed his life
  • “The Trombone Tale” by Marilyn Graham about a trombone that change her life
  • “The Enchanted Cottage” by Lisa Leonhardt, an unbelievable true story
  • “A Strange Desire to Speak Spanish” by Mark Beland, winner of the 2016 Toastmasters Humorous Speech Contest
  • “Can a Leopard Change Its Spots?” by Rhonda Brazina, a hilarious love story
  • “The Dollop” by Howard Silverman
  • “The Country Store” about a horse blanket by Dwight Elam
  • “Do you Wanna Dance?” another award-winning coming of age story by Terry Babb
  • “The AC” by Robert David
  • “Being in the News,” a cross between a tall tale and a personal story by Mary Lou Williams.

Get your tickets today! Before they sell out…

With amazing talent, Storytellers of the Round Table plan to make Naples a storytelling destination. Come to beautiful downtown Naples on Monday, April 3, 2017, from 7pm – 9pm at the Sugden Theatre (Tobye Hall), 701 5th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102.  Tickets $20.  Box Office: (239) 263-7990.  For more details and online tickets:

Come to The Elephant: Stories You’ll Never Forget. An Evening of Storytelling.

It’s going to be BIG!

<<Article written by Mary Lou Williams and Dr. Joel Ying.>>