Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan (often abbreviated Tai Chi) is a moving meditation from China. These health exercises have their roots in martial arts as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but today they are performed mainly for health benefits. Specific studies have shown improvement in balance and osteoporosis. There are many styles of tai chi. Each style has its own sequence of movements, called “the form.” Chi Gong (or Qi Gong) are also health exercises from China, but these tend to be simpler and more accessible for those with health challenges. Although an oversimplification, Tai Chi could be thought of as moving Chi Gong.

I’ve been training in Tai Chi since 2001 with Yan Gao Fei in Hollywood, Florida. I currently practice the Chen-style Empty Hand Form. Tai Chi has been a part of my life since college where I learned the Yang form and medical school where I started the Chen form. There are many levels to learning Tai Chi. From the external movements of “the dance” to the internal principles of body alignment, you can continue training for martial arts applications and principles into Taoist philosophy of balance and mindfulness.

Interested in Private Classes?

I taught weekly group classes at Love Yoga Center from 2012 to 2017. You can still take classes there with one of my students. I currently only teach private individual and group classes. Contact me if you are interested in learning the Chen-style Tai Chi form: joel.ying@joyhealthwellness.com


Dr. Joel teaches Chen-style Tai Chi, Empty Hand, Long Form, Part 1