Poem: Wolf Path – Animal Medicine

Wolf Howling Full Moon

Dr. Joel Ying, MD

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Several years ago, my friend Jamie McCall was working with his “inner wolf.” He felt a calling to Wolf Medicine, as the Native Americans would call it. (For the Native Americans, “Medicine” is anything that heals the body, mind, or spirit. Read my prior blog post on Animal Medicine. Here, the spiritual medicine is wisdom.) Jamie had vivid dreams as a wolf. Contemplating the wolf and the dreams brought him this poem and an insight into his life purpose. Poetry has its own medicine, and perhaps the imagery can bring you some healing too.

Wolf Path
~ by Jamie McCall

Breathe deep the midnight air
The cool blue moon
I feel the presence there

I stand at the edge of the mist laced wood
Wondering who dwells there
Wondering if I should….

I let out a call to make my presence known
A call to the moon
I hear my wolf’s song

At first I hear nothing
There is no reply
But after the silence
The woods catch my eye

Darting white shadows
No sound do they make
I watch the woods closely
What form will they take?

Like ghosts they emerge
From the mist and the wood
Glowing with grace
Like the moon’s children should

A pack of five strong
Their coats glow with pride
The white wolf-formed masters
Hold wisdom in their eyes

Their gaze is intense
And long do they stare
As we study each other
There is recognition there

A joyful reunion
To the pack I have returned
To the woods
To its mysteries
And the status that I’ve earned

We rest and we bond
In the clearing I was found
In the company of family
We are spiritually bound

We all sense a stirring
It is time to return
To the woods
To its mysteries
Where lessons are learned

The shadows envelop me
I feel their embrace
As we weave through the denseness
We leave naught a trace

Our movements are nimble
Our footsteps are light
Our swiftness is effortless
As we run through the night

Be the pack separate
Or be the pack whole
I walk the wolf path
With pride in my soul

~ poem by Jamie McCall, Wolf Path
(posted with permission, see prior blog May 6, 2017)

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