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Dr. Joel Ying, MD

Physician, Educator, Storyteller. He hosts this website for "Living the Present Moment" as a conscious journey of Body, Mind, Emotion & Spirit. Holistic and integrative, his practice includes Tai Chi and Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy, Healing From the Core, Meditation. Always exploring his edges, he shares them in the blog, newsletter, courses, and online study group.

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What’s your story? (the negative)

“Your story” is sometimes thought of in the negative context (see yesterday’s post with Byron Katie). The mind is good about “making up stories” about why we do what we do, endlessly rationalizing the emotional reactions that we sometimes do without a second (or even first) thought. “Well, of course, I yelled at him. Wouldn’t you? He spilled my milk.” The mind creates limiting beliefs to keep us safe. The mind keeps repeating the story, over and over, even when it is no longer true. Yes, it is good to be seen and not heard at 5 years old because my parents might get angry. But does that really make sense in my 20’s, 30’s, or 40’s? The mind holds onto its stories, and does not always know when a new story would make sense.

What’s your story? (the positive)

There is also a positive context. While facts and figures speak to our mind with rational logic, stories speak to our emotions. Emotions make our messages memorable. The best way to tell someone who you are is with a story. Tell the good story: the story of what I do, where I come from, the values that I stand for, ….

I will be participating in a Community Day on “Storytelling for Business”. Speakers will talk about this positive aspect of story and how it can be used in business.

Every business has a story. Learning how to tell your story is a secret to a successful business.

My business is doctoring, and so my stories are about healing.

First, I am story-listener. My patient brings me a story. I listen to it. I filter it through the framework of my medical knowledge.

Then, I am a story-teller. I tell the patient a story of healing.

If my story is convincing, the patient and I will be in the same story.

Stories can heal the body by encouraging lifestyle changes and diet. Stories can help us get past limiting beliefs to see another perspective and heal the mind. It can help us heal from emotions like grief and loss. It can model compassion and appreciation. It can heal the spirit with inspiration, motivation, and purpose.

Join me for more on “Stories and Healing”

“Storytelling for Business” Community Day

Friday, February 3, 2017
11:30am – 1:30pm
Collier County Public Library Headquarters, Indoor Theater
2385 Orange Blossom Dr, Naples, FL 34109
Speakers include Byron Donalds (Florida House of Rep), Marianne Oehser, Christine Cargnoni, Mary Lou Williams, Joel Ying, and Kathryn MacKenzie.
Sponsored by Naples Advanced Toastmasters, mentoring Public Speaking and Leadership.

Read more about the event in the Naples Florida Weekly.