Huge success! My first solo performance

Dr. Joel Ying, MD

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“May the legacy of love live on through all of you.”

I am deeply grateful to the beautiful audience of 32 friends and “once upon a time” strangers that supported me in my first 90-minute solo performance yesterday (August 25, 2017). Ten years ago, I was a timid voice exploring public speaking through a local club of, Three years ago, I discovered the oral tradition of storytelling as a performance art. As part of Storytellers of the Round Table, I began to craft and perform stories monthly at Brambles English Tea Room in Naples, Florida. I could not have dreamed back then that I would have enough stories (and enough courage) to perform by myself!

A few months ago, I asked myself what my stories have in common. I suddenly realized that they are all stories about love in some way. For several months, I crafted the last two stories in a trilogy of personal stories. The last story is called “Legacy of Love” and gave the name to the entire performance. I am so grateful to the local storytelling guilds and toastmasters groups where I practice my stories, the folks that I call up who just listen to me when I say “do you have time to hear a story,” and the coaches and workshop leaders that have helped me hone my craft.

Weaving personal stories and folk tales from around the world into one performance, “Legacy of Love” successfully created an evening that touches to the heart, speaks to the soul, and tickles the funny bone.

“It felt like one big hug,” said one of my friends.

Thank you to everyone that supported me on this heart-opening journey.

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Watch the Clip: Storytelling Performance 8-25-17 “Legacy of Love” by Dr. Joel Ying

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