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“The shortest distance between two hearts is a story.”
~ Geraldine Buckley

Red hair, British accent, Geraldine Buckley stands out! And so do her stories. Among them, she tells original personal stories with a contrasting British propriety. Many are from her unique life experiences, which include “time” as chaplain at the largest men’s prison in Maryland. Her storytelling show and her album, Tea in the Slammer, won the prestigious Storytelling World award for 2012. She has been a Featured Teller at the National Storytelling Festival and continues to win awards.

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Geraldine Buckley returns to Naples, Florida

FRI Feb 9, 2018, 7pm-8:30pm
Storytelling Performance with Geraldine Buckley.
Office of Dr. Joel Ying, $15. Click for tickets & details.

SAT Feb 10, 2018,  8:30am registration, 9am-6pm
Workshop on the Personal Story: 1-Day Intensive with Geraldine Buckley.
“From Pen to Performance” $75. Join an award-winning storyteller as she coaches an intimate group on crafting the personal story. Click for registration & details.

What makes the personal story so powerful?

The magic of personal storytelling allows us to enter into the world of the teller.

It has been said that storytellers create the best pictures. Why? Because each listener creates their own images from the words. At its best, storytelling stimulates the richness of the imagination.

StorytellerWe enter into the private lives of the storyteller as they open up their soul to the listener. The teller offers the story as a gift. We can step into their world temporarily, experience life from another perspective, extract the wisdom that resonates for us, and then step out of that story to apply the wisdom to our own lives. As a listener, personal stories awaken the treasure trove of stories in my own life. Often, memories flood back that I have not thought of in years. I can often look back on those moments from a new perspective, learn some new wisdom about myself, and perhaps even heal from an old limiting belief about that story that I have been carrying.

Here in the United States, organizations like The Moth and more recently The Storytellers Project have tapped into the power of the personal story to captivate, entertain, and inspire. They support local showcase events as well as release recordings.

There is something special about a live event—a personal connection to the teller and a connection to others in the audience as we share an experience together. In a multimedia world, information is poured out to us, but no one is listening. The master storytellers respond and listen to our reactions, pausing just long enough, holding space for emotions of laughter and sometimes even tears, carrying us along in their story. It is a true magic carpet ride!

Storytelling in its Modern Form: Storytelling Performance

The ancient oral tradition of storytelling goes back to stories shared around campfires, at social gatherings, and in private living rooms. This differs from the age-old tradition of gossip because the teller talks mainly about themselves. It is an act of courage, authenticity, and vulnerability.

In its modern form, the age-old oral tradition now takes to the stage. Stories are crafted and honed not just by time and practice by repeated telling in small informal groups, but also worked as a performance piece for the stage.

As a storytelling performer, I am continually honored by the depth of connection that stories create, the power to captivate, deliver an experience, motivate change … and, of course, entertain!
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