Dreamweaver Presence

Imagine yourself within a sacred geometric structure and an advanced surround sound system merging music, vibration, and intention with every cell in your body. This is the Dreamweaver experience — creating possibilities of exploration, healing, and full body presence. A Dreamweaver is a vibroacoustic instrument that incorporates music, vibration, sacred geometry and intention. It is …Read More


Celebrating My Celtic Year

In my Native Scotland, any reason to gather together and celebrate is a good reason. In my last blog, I described the eight major festivals of the Celtic tradition. In my own life, I still honor them in my own way, sometimes with a group and sometimes with something deeply personal. Every year, it is …Read More


Celtic Traditions – The Wheel of the Year

I have recently returned from a wonderful class on the Native American Medicine Wheel co-taught by my dear friends Joel Ying and Suzanne Scurlock-Durana.  In this annual class, Joel talks about how we can help anchor ourselves in the world, in place and time, by meditating on different aspects of the Medicine Wheel.  We can …Read More


3 Simple Steps to Balance

What is balance? You know it when you are there. You find center. Inner peace. But you also know when you are not there. If you are like me, it might feel like: Mind racing out of control. I’m running and not getting anywhere. Anxious. Confused. Sense of unhappiness. Everything seems to be falling apart …Read More


Join the Online Study Group

When I was 10 years old, I loved to watch Star Trek. I loved Spock. I loved logic and reason. “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” – Spock, Star Trek It just made sense. What’s up with these silly things we call emotions? It’s just not rational. Knowledge is power. …Read More