Kelly McGonigal: Getting Good at Stress

With so much of the country facing the stress of natural disasters, we see communities coming together and neighbors helping neighbors. However, in the face of tragedy there is also the other side of humanity. Stress brings out both the best and the worst in all of us. For years, health professionals have been telling …Read More


Matthew Sanford: Transcending Trauma with Yoga

“Mind-body integration is more than a personal health strategy. It is a movement of consciousness that can change the world.” ― Matthew Sanford At 13 years old, Matthew Sanford was paralyzed from the chest down in an accident that killed his father and his sister. Trauma, he says, happens not just to an individual but to …Read More


Dreamweaver Presence

Imagine yourself within a sacred geometric structure and an advanced surround sound system merging music, vibration, and intention with every cell in your body. This is the Dreamweaver experience — creating possibilities of exploration, healing, and full body presence. A Dreamweaver is a vibroacoustic instrument that incorporates music, vibration, sacred geometry and intention. It is …Read More


Eat Your Greens

  Eat your greens! Yuck! It’s pond scum. It’s dark blue-green spiral-shaped algae, harvested from lakes in warm climates, and a nutrient-dense superfood! Yuck! It’s pond scum. It’s good for you. It’s spirulina. Yuck! When I was growing up, one of my cousins (who shall remain nameless, but you know who you are!) … she …Read More