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Dr. Joel Ying, MD

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The ancient Hawaiians teach that we are all born with a Bowl of Light. That light inspires us and sustains us. As we grow in experience and wisdom of love, our light shines. But every time we lie, steal, or injure others, a stone gets placed in the bowl. This stone displaces the light. If we continue on this negative path, our bowl slowly becomes filled with stones. The light slowly dims, and may eventually go out. As we walk through the world, no light can shine from our bowls. We are stone.

What happens next? Is this the end? Perhaps? Perhaps not! Hawaiian wisdom tells us that as we become awake and aware, we can turn the bowl over, dump out the stones, and start again! Only then can we walk a path of true wisdom with our Bowl of Light.

In a world where the dimming of the light seems inevitable with the passage of time, this Hawaiian story offers hope. Perhaps we can again live in a world filled with Bowls of Light.

In his book, Bowl of Light: Ancestral Wisdom from a Hawaiian Shaman, Hank Wesselman writes about his relationship with Hawaiian Shaman (kahuna), Hale Makuna, and the Hawaiian teachings passed on to him, including this story of Hope that we can restore our light, our natural radiance.

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