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Episode 0: Welcome to the Podcast (Joel Ying)

Welcome to “Living the Present Moment” – The Podcast. My name is Dr. Joel Ying, and I’m a Physician, Educator, and Storyteller. This podcast is part of my blog at I host an online study group with live interviews and conversations with people of passion and purpose, doing interesting things, and living their present …Read More


How Storytelling Becomes Mainstream in Southwest Florida

“The Elephant” appeared again to a sold out crowd! On January 31, 2018, the second annual event at Alliance for the Arts in Fort Myers, Florida, opened to our storytelling fans with a showcase performance of ten amazing tellers.  The stories ranged from personal to folk tales that captivated, titillated, and inspired our audience. (You …Read More


ManKind Project – Redefining Modern Masculinity

“We believe that emotionally mature, powerful, compassionate, and purpose-driven men will help heal some of our society’s deepest wounds. We support the powerful brilliance of men and we are willing to look at, and take full responsibility for, the pain we are also capable of creating – and suffering. We care deeply about men, our …Read More


Kurt Vonnegut: The Next Million-Dollar Story

Do you want to write the next million-dollar story? Listen to Kurt Vonnegut. All you need to do is follow one of the classic “Shapes of Stories.” To all my fellow storytellers, aspiring novelists, and budding screenwriters, you don’t have the recreate the perfect plot, start with one of these, then add a little creativity …Read More


Geraldine Buckley, storytelling in its modern form

“The shortest distance between two hearts is a story.” ~ Geraldine Buckley Red hair, British accent, Geraldine Buckley stands out! And so do her stories. Among them, she tells original personal stories with a contrasting British propriety. Many are from her unique life experiences, which include “time” as chaplain at the largest men’s prison in …Read More