Wanting Memories

I am sitting here wanting memories to teach me to see the beauty in the world through my own eyes. — Ysaye Barnwell, Wanting Memories These haunting lyrics were written by Ysaye Barnwell and originally recorded by the African-American all-women a capella group, Sweet Honey in the Rock. Since then, many groups have recorded the song, including …Read More


Holy Basil (Tulsi) – Stress Relief

Holy Basil (also known as Tulsi) is a member of the mint family and closely related to sweet basil used in cooking. Originally from India, the plant is considered sacred and has many uses in Ayurvedic medicine. As an adaptogen, this herbal remedy is thought to bring the body back to balance. Stress Relief According to WebMD, holy …Read More


Willy Claflin: Laugh with Maynard Moose

“Beware Beware the Bully Goat Grim” There is healing in laughter, especially the belly-rolling, milk-snorting, can’t-breath laughter. Watch the video below. Perhaps you have heard the story of the Billy Goat Grim, but this is a fractured version of the story, The Bully Goat Grim. The talented Willy Claflin performs with his “malaprop” puppet Maynard …Read More